Living with Dementia - a guide for relatives

At Aspen Lodge we have a dedicated floor for older people who are living with the experience of dementia. Our team of staff are very experienced in helping residents get the most out of life and feel totally at home in a warm, understanding, safe and caring environment. We are highly skilled in caring for older people living with the experience of dementia and helping them to feel safe, happy and part of the community at Aspen Lodge.

You may have wondered how it is that your relative can remember so vividly what happened years ago, what they were doing, how they felt at the time and what they were excited about, yet they may struggle to remember what happened only a few hours ago.

Through training and many years' experience we know how to respond and are able to help each and every one of our residents to feel comfortable with their thoughts and feelings whilst gently stimulating their thought process with dedicated activities and wonderful resources.

By getting to know each resident well, we find ways to enable them to have enjoyable days, which include favourite activities. Each resident will have their own personal care plan which will not only look at their care, nutrition and hydration needs but also their personal likes and dislikes and the things that make them feel good. We will involve immediate family, relatives and friends when deciding on the best care plan and at the same time our dedicated team can provide help, support and understanding for everyone trying to deal with the effect that dementia can have on someone they are close to.

We provide gentle prompts to help with short-term memory loss so that it's not a problem at Aspen Lodge. We believe the memories, experiences and stories we hear about life sometimes fifty or sixty years ago, often with amazing clarity like it was yesterday, are priceless. We also consider it to be an honour to share these memories and to work with our residents.

We understand how difficult it can be caring for someone living with the experience of dementia at home and it is our aim to make Aspen Lodge feel like home as quickly as possible. Residents are encouraged to bring pictures, photographs, ornaments and small items of furniture to make their room feel like home. There are no fixed visiting hours so you are welcome to visit just as you would have done before.

Aspen Lodge Care Home can provide just about all the benefits of living at home but with a few extras that can make a world of difference to the quality.


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